The hut

The HutThe Hut sits between the playgrounds in Stoneydown Park. FoSP has leased it from the council since 2009. It is a community space, offering sports equipment, indoor and outdoor toys, toilet facilities and the odd cup of tea!

FoSP is a friendly community-minded bunch of park-loving people. We are always open to new ideas for the Hut. We are currently working on making it a more comfy space, with more teen-friendly activities as well. We are refreshing some of the old toys, so good quality donations are always welcome.

It is our aim to have the Hut open every weekend, so you and your children can use the equipment and facilities. Find yourself in the park and it’s not open? Can you give some time to do this, even a couple of afternoons a year? We need people to help open the Hut, the more volunteers we have, the more we can use this fantastic local resource! Please contact us if this sounds like something you could do for your park.